Friday, July 16, 2010

The Clinical Attitude in Sandplay

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Relational sandplay therapy embraces all of these Kalffian principles:

Provision of the free and protected space.

Loving maternal holding of the temenos.

Receptive openness to the patient and to the unconscious as it emerges.

Allowing the emergence of the material in its own time and in its own way, without interference with the creative process.

A belief that the psyche, given the right conditions, is self-healing.

A focus on the archetypal meaning of symbols within the personal context of the patient.

The importance of the therapist’s understanding of the symbol, the patient and the patient’s flow of symbolic images in the sand.

A living connection to the Sacred.

Deep empathic connection with the client.

Emphasis on the positive transference as indicative of an intact free and protected space.

Emphasis on the nonverbal, symbolic work in the sand, and an understanding that it is    the experience itself which heals.

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared in The Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume XVI, Number 2, 2007: But is it Kalffian? by Linda Cunningham

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