Sunday, July 4, 2010

Current Trends: The Expansion of Sandplay Theory and Practice

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Sandplay therapy is expanding. The trends of expansion are:
  • A continuing effort to deeply understand particular symbols. Articles researching particular symbols have a central place in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy.
  • A continuing effort to understand the sandplay process through case studies.
  • Publication of new research that provides an evidence-based grounding for sandplay.
  • Exploration of work with new populations and diverse cultures.
  • Documentation of the history of sandplay that provides grounding for expansions of theory.
  • The integration of other theoretical stances and modalities. Many writers attempt to integrate concepts from other theories into sandplay work. Sometimes these concepts are named and cited, other times they are left implicit.
  • An emerging, more explicit recognition of issues of transference/ countertransference and the nuances of the clinical relationship.
  • A more explicit use of countertransference experience to understand preverbal/nonverbal material.
  • More emphasis on difficult countertransference experience
  • Illuminating examinations of the therapist’s internal struggle to  understand the sandplay process when working with preverbal trauma.
Relational Sandplay Therapy addresses the last four areas of expansion.

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared in The Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume XVI, Number 2, 2007. Cunningham, L. But is it Kalffian?

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