Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is Sandplay Therapy?

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Sandplay is a powerful depth psychotherapy method for accessing and giving concrete form to  unconscious patterns and energies while simultaneously promoting healing. Through work in the sand, clients dissolve blocks to psychological growth, unearth and resolve trauma, integrate shadow and move forward on their own unique path of individuation.

Children are immediately drawn to sandplay. By playing in sand and water and using figures that play through and heal their traumas, without ever putting words to these experiences, without even needing to understand them consciously. Play is the language of childhood. Sandplay invites spontaneous and “serious” play.
represent every aspect of the world, they are able to

Adults, too, may find sandplay quite helpful in healing from early relational trauma, or moving forward on the path of individuation. Sandplay with adults is usually done within the context of an ongoing verbal therapy or analysis. In this way, two levels of healing and individuation occur simultaneously:   the more conscious verbal dialog between therapist and client invites affect and insight, and the process of working in the sand heals on an unconscious maternal, preverbal, somatic level.

Sandplay work includes the use of a sandtray, sized 28½ x 19½ x 3 inches (72.5 x 49.5 x 7.5 cm). It is painted blue on the inside, and half filled with sand. Water may be added as the sandplayer wishes. Shelves of figures—representing every aspect of the world—are nearby, waiting for the sandplayer to choose and place them in the sand.

For more information on sandplay, see, “About Sandplay.”

Relational Sandplay Therapy is an approach designed for the seasoned sandplay therapist. Before using this approach, clinicians should receive training in the basic principles of Jungian sandplay therapy.

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