Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Introduction to the Four Archetypal Relational Fields

The first book to focus on the clinical relationship in sandplay, Relational Sandplay Therapy provides both beginners and experienced sandplay therapists with a new perspective on the healing power of sandplay. This perspective is relational, intersubjective, and deeply explores the interwovenness of mutual unconscious processes and how they may be harnessed in the service of healing. In a creative synthesis, Linda Cunningham, Ph.D. brings to the forefront the importance of the transference/countertransference relationship in sandplay, and also explains in detail how to work within the relationship. Focusing on the therapist's subjective experience, she describes four archetypal relational fields:

Field One: The Field of Original Oneness/Merger

Field Two: The Field of Twoness/Rupture

Field Three: The Field of Differentiated Oneness/Transitional Space

Field Four: The Numinous Field of the Transcendent Function

Readers will be able to

•   Identify and understand the nature of the four archetypal relational fields

in both verbal and sandplay therapy

•   Understand how trauma affects the relational field

•   Gain tools to understand barren, disturbing or "uninterpretable" sandtrays

•   Use your own subjective experience as a royal road to the

unconscious and as the other source of the symbol

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